Manchester Gilbert and Sullivan Society

Programme for the 2018/2019(87) Season

Meetings will be held in Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester and all except where stated will start promptly at 7.15 pm.
Assemble from 7.00 pm.

Visitors welcome at any meeting : bring a friend!

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"'Youth will have its fling'"

Tuesday 2nd October 2018

David Goulden’s music and drama students will entertain us with a concert.


"'I am astonished and somewhat terrified'"

Sunday afternoon 4th November 2018 at 2.30 pm

Stephen Turnbull, Secretary of the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society, will play a selection of his G&S recordings – selected for quality or amusement!


"'whatever question may arise'"

Sunday afternoon 2nd December 2018 at 2.30 pm

Any G&S Questions with bring and share food.



"'Rend with songs the air above'"

Sunday afternoon 13th January 2019 at 2.30 pm

Martin Lamb (bass baritone) will entertain us with song and information.
He will be accompanied by David Wheeler.
Admission: members £5 visitors £7


"'They sing choruses in public'"

SATURDAY afternoon 2nd February 2019 at 2.30 pm

A concert by New Rosemere Amateur Operatic Society from Bolton.


"'I can teach you with a quip, if I’ve a mind'"

Tuesday 5th March 2019

Paul Taylor will entertain and inform us with another of his fascinating presentations, this time on Iolanthe. Illustrated with music and visuals.


"'Everything is interesting'"

Tuesday 2rd April 2019

David Cookson and Collette Woodhouse will amuse and instruct us about music and other aspects of their work at Harrogate G&S Festivals.


"'In punctual and business-like fashion'"

Tuesday 7th May 2019

Annual General Meeting plus entertainment.


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