Tuesday 2nd December 2008

If we're inclined to dance and sing, Tra la la





An evening based on the arrangements of the music of the operas for dancing in the home.

Dance Arrangements From the Music of the Savoy Operas
This is a chance to hear the music from the Gilbert & Sullivan operas as you may never have heard it before. During the original productions of the operas, some of the music was adapted and arranged for piano/salon orchestra into waltzes, lancers etc, for use in the home, tea dances and so on. Now rarely heard, a selection will be played at this meeting of the Manchester branch of the Gilbert & Sullivan Society.



This was an evening with a difference.
We started with Christopher Brown playing some recordings of Sullivan's music arranged for dancing, the popular dances of the period, Quadrille and Lancers.
This was followed by Jean Dufty reading some interesting snippets about the arranging of tunes for the dances and the design of the covers from Jonathan Smith's attractive booklet "A Gilbert & Sullivan Guide - Illustrated Sheet Music". It contains excellent reproductions of many beautiful covers with information. It was passed round for people to view.
ISBN 0-955-650-80-2. Obtainable from Jonathan whose email address can be supplied by Jean.

Then Alan and Berenice showed a video film of the Quadrille being performed in preparation for teaching the Quadrille. Alan and Berenice were suitably attired in Edwardian evening dress..

Some volunteers were requested from the audience and a "set" of the Quadrille was taught to those volunteers, with Christopher Brown playing the Mikado Quadrille on the piano. The volunteers seemed to enjoy their lesson.

After the break we had more of the same including the teaching of a second "set".

Frontsheet of the Music for Quadrille

Music Frontsheet for Quadrille

The Mikado Quadrille was used in the demonstrations and audience participation.

Video of a Quadrille obtained from the Archive of the Library of Congress

Quadrile Video

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The Archive of the Library of Congress provided the information on the Dances.

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Meetings will be held in Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester and l start promptly at 7.30 pm. Assemble from 7.00 pm.

Non-members are welcome to attend.



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